Marta Forsberg

I wanted to cancel my social media accounts since a long time, for many reasons, but most importantly when it comes to my work and my artistic practice. So I decided to take care and charge of my own archive and history writing, as far as thats possible. Because archiving is very important and should not be left in the hands of global corporations! (◔◡◔✿)

In this diary I will share my current activities and work process, as well as glancing into the future. This will be followed by a recap from earlier pieces and projects. In this way I can stay connected to my previous work, and take the opportunity to reflect on past events, something that I otherwise rarely do. So thats a good combo I think! Happy reading!

July 15th 2019

Im siting in my studio office in Berlin. Im sharing a very beautiful room with my friend Kaj and my partner Andreas. Its extremely cosy! Looking through the window I see the Chinese wisteria (Blåregn på svenska), all green and fluffy. There are still some flowers left, but the blooming is over since some time.

At the moment Im preparing my recording device for this weekends interviews in Copenhagen. Me and my friend and colleague Anna Jakobsson are meeting six composers and sound artists from south of Sweden and Denmark to talk about what is inspiring and moving them in their artistic practice. We will record all these meetings and this will then become a part of a sound installation that Konstmusiksystrar will present at VBKÖ - Vereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs (Austrian Association of Women Artists) in Vienna later this year.

In January 2019 the piece Gentle Acts was premiered by Passepartout Duo in Italy. Since then they have performed it so so so so many times and all around the world, I cant believe how great they are and what a strange and incredible feeling it is to have a piece of music traveling around, without me! Its like flying or teleportation, or as if Im expanding. The piece is based on a poem by the Swedish poet, artist and writer Channa Riedel with whom I was collaborating with for this piece. Channa is so cool, colourful, brave and sharp, and her poem had great influence on the music. The title of this piece is very much inspired by writings of feminist scholar Donna Haraway.
Here is a radio show where Passepartout Duo are talking about this piece.
In general Im so grateful for the possibility of working together with so good people and artists, Gentle Acts is a piece and experience that still warms my heart! <3 <3 <3